Thursday, January 24, 2013

SaLaM MaUliDuR rAsUL

gegirl and boboi...
Selamat Menyambut MAULIDUR RASUL

dan always berselawat pada hari kelahiran Nabi s.a.w
insyaAllah akan tergolong dlm golongan yg beriman dan dikasihi rasul..

semoga kamu sume diberkati ALLAH s.w.t


2012 DiArIeS

long time no see maaa~

ok.. i know very long i disappear..
where i go?
actually i have a new world that i have through it..
and its challenging..  
now already 1 year past and 1 year also i become worker..
what happen in 2012 I have done..
lets see!

This all my new friends on 2012. Actually they all work in same company with me. 
They all from a different course and mostly is electrical student. U girls can see me? with a big specky..  

My SHRDC members.. (adik-adik sumenyer~)
I,m the oldest...( ngaku jgkla tue~hu...)

Finally, i,m hiking jgk (Broga Hills) ... This is 1st time i do the hiking program. Ingatkn xmampu nk sampai..hehe
TERER JGK AKU NIE....ooppss..(terbesar kate plak)

The best trainer for hiking..hehe (fana & anem)

This one plak, wedding agenda of my old friend at Perak. Memang cantikla the bride and i like the pelamin. Sweet and Colourfull.. Sempat lg bergambo ngn bride.... Ambik berkat...^^

Why my pose like that??? actually tgh main layang-layang tu... u all nmpk x?? ala.... yg besar tu....hehe..
sanggup abiskan uwet semata-mata utk main... teringin nk main jgkkan alang-alang ade angin...^^
if u want to know i have been to Terengganu last year on raya to visit my father hometown.. nk cakap awal2 nie... "kawe dok reti ghoyak ganu"...

thanks to my luvly friend coz bring me to CAMERON!
xpernah pergi and dis a the first time i go there and really cold and fresh air... perghhh..
i think i will go there 1 more time for this year.... and will bring my family plak..^^

what i can say...
its the starting year for me to planning what i,m want in my life and the most thing i become
 technician(my dream).
certain my dreams have came true but have more things i have to do.
bukan mudah untuk kecapi nyer jika hanya angan-angan kosong...
yang penting usaha...usaha...usaha...
and dont forget bersyukur to Illahi..
InsyaAllah... all will come true k..

(lama gler xtulis blog... so if xfhm dengan my writing and words can complain to...
aaa..... ala... xyhla complain2.. bace udah ler..hehe... )