Thursday, January 2, 2014

ToDaYs PaPeR

Assalamualaikum gurlz..

Today is the starting for my final exam paper Industry Engineering..
what i ,m feel???
i,m sleep last night and i thought i could wake up at 3 a.m but i terkandas waktu..hmm~
so means i,m not study
hah!!! (saje bg respon terkezut~)
Now.. what i,m think is about my result..
it is pass or it is...hmm..
 i can't said it. =(

 Dissapointed day for me..
i,m regret what i,m doing today..
this is not me..
i,m not lazy girls on study..
(tapi bab len lazy la ckit... ckit jer k~)

i cannot go back the time..
Now.. what i have to do is study another subject and please makesure everything done and remember...
please ayu... you can laa..

i have another 2 paper left and hope everything will be okay..
need to study smart..

kekawan sume.. doakan saya berjaya naa..

Ini adalah doa untuk kuatkn minda dan ingatan. 
Praktikkan tau.. I
You will loss if you not do it..
(pernah alami~)

Oh!!! my paperrrrrr.....hukhukhuk~


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