Sunday, May 29, 2011

married is wonderful


"hati kata nak kahwin tp ade ke orang nak kan aku.."
i,m want married pun coz...
i want wearing a wedding dress..
(statement yg xmunasabah kn..)

i know la...
what u girl want to say...
i,m ni crazy kn...
>ada i kisah<
haha =D

next week my friend wedding..
i,m so jealous la...
why they all married so early...
when me???
be patient year myb you k...
u gurls ignore with my statement up theres ya..
i,m just kidding..
 next year i have to working for preparing my budget wedding.
so...myb late kot i kawen...
planning max 28 and min 25..
i,m just planning not determine..
determine is not my job but ALLAH swt..

watever i like go to wedding event..
leh cuci mata...
(many people with own style)

study first.. family second...dear last...
make sure i get my dream car and house then..
bru pk kawen..
enjoy the life while single after became a wife...
many thing u have to think and job u have to do..
responsibility as a wife much more hard..

ble dh ready to become wife...
just tell ur boy to masuk meminang..
jgn tunggu lelama...
nt kne kebas lak...

preparing after married so important..
 who have married i hope a happy life for u girl k..

i,m with aini...
she look so pretty in her wedding.. and now she happy with her new life...

 makkkk... ayu nk kawen leh x??

 k dadidu..

p/s: awak.... simpan uwet byk2 tau..mak sy mintak tinggi..huhu

Saturday, May 28, 2011

went to Hari Belia..


many people and teenagers..
in Putrajaya...
and sooooo...
camne nak jalan nie...
and which way i want to start...

"Hari Belia in Putrajaya"
that the probs...
the place is so big and many booth was open in there...
also got a sale..
a sale... like shawls..
dress and trousers with any style..
and i see ayunar shawl with a low price..
memang rambangla mata i..

the thing i like in there is the fashion contest...
and the type style and dress is very different and millennium..
and the contest is between uitm student..

so crowded with teenager and  noisy 
 with many concert happen in there ..
so hope u girls...
who think she is teenager and not to old..
(ala...mak ngn ayah pun leh g..)
must come to Hari belia in Putrajaya..
 from 27 to 29 may...

u girl must go coz many thing u can get in there..
and dont forget to bring umbrella..
preparing for raining..

what happen with my antoo la... myb so much sale infront of me kot...

sempat lg pose dalam kereta... peace yaww!=D

It is fun if i do this thing....
yeah! flying like a bird...

 OMG!! who this couple...
look awesome! =D

what happen with my youngest brother nie...
he said: BORING~

i,m in singapore...hik..hik..

what a bad post... erk~

what a wonderfull day... =D

k dadidu..

My LoVe

aloo girls..=D
todays is my bff  birthday...
yesterday i,m hang out with her to "Hari Belia" at Putrajaya..
long time we didn't hang out together,,
i,m hope..
her wish came true and always epy in her life..

yesterday i,m forgot to bring my camera coz i didnt planning to go Hari Belia..
hari belia is so happening ... 
and penat jgkla berjalan kaki..
its so big and with hot weather in night..
paham2 jela... in Malaysia..
only dis picture i can snap even not good quality and editing but still give memory with my bff to me..=D

my bff forever..

 her...always in my mind... sayang kamu fazy...=D

k dadidu...

WrOnG PErSon

sham:    aiiiiii
me:      uit..
sham:    xtytow ag?
me:      berjagala..hehe
         aik...xtdo lg?
sham:    jp ag kot1
me:      dh set time ekh...
         lama menyepi...
         sombonk kot..
sham:    xde la
         cbok cket
me:      hehe...gurau ja...
         aku dgr ko cti skjap je kan..
sham:    aik! knl kew?
me:      ooopsss..
         silap org ler..
         maaf ye..

malu gler kot.... huhu~
dis was happen in this week...
i dont know why i,m become so confident in all situation..

with high confident level...
i,m asking that "syam" and joking with him...
i thought "syam" is my friend but the wrong person..
in the last chat i said sorry..
with a red face ..

after this i will check the wall person before i chat with them...
dont want the shame case happen again..
 the picture also have to check out for to know with who we chat...

we have to check out first to keep away from stranger..
its danger girl..
remember it..
now many issue about stranger trick the Malaysia girl..
so u girls must be careful with them..
make sure u know that person..
and dont take easy to make stranger as a friends..
berhati-hati dahulu sebelum tersilap langkah...

k dadidu..

pergh~ malu gle kot.. tp dah happen so redha je...
pasnie kne check dlu before start chat..

while they were lonely..what did they do..

long time not write this blog rite...
sorry girls..
this week i,m so busy with my planning program..
hope you girls also busy with your work too..
> yg aku merepek nie<
hah...dets my habit "merepek"..
when i dont have idea..
i suke merepek...
sometimes bad issue and sometimes good issue...
and sometimes do a weird thing...
yeah.. WEIRD ...
when i,m alone at home..
i will choose my cloths,trouser or max skirt and my shawl..
then i will wearing them and...
i pose infront the mirror..
pose pun main bantai jer..

until my young sister call me crazy girl..
i,m always do the crazy things and menjelikkan orang..
i peduli ape...
i punye ske la.. rite..
the important things..
i dont disturb their life..
watever la...
more over i,m also like snap the picture..
even the people i unknown..
it fun and sometimes its makes me learn what means life..
walupun tak lah hebat sgt kn...
the weird things...
is the fun things..
make sure weird thing we do is a good thing not harmful your life..
 for me... 
the weird thing i do is not just for fun but it also make me become more talented person in capture photo and styling..
tidak salah kan kalau ingin mencuba..
i like do the new thing and i will do it without shy2 cat la...
u girl buangla shy2 cat tu...
nk malu nie ade tempatnyer...
hope u girls can accept my statement...
i,m not a good person..
i,m like trying..
dets me!!
k dadidu..

the weird thing i do...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

LaDiEs BeSt

girls and ladies~
"meaning for 'girl' doesn't same with 'ladies' ?"
my friend ask me with that question..
and my answer is
"what the different?"
"sama lah! korang nk kenakan aku kn...."
then they laugh..
and me..
just shut up my mouth and make a weird face..
u know what i mean a weird face..
with my big eyes...
(like a lion just wait to terkam the victim)

then they stop laugh after see my reaction (coz takot~~)
i ask them
 "why the girl not same with ladies"?
they say
"coz girl is like us and YOU(point to me) is the ladies"
then i ask again..
they say..
" kite orang nie 20tahun and ko tu dah 23tahun so ko memang dah 'ladies' la...."
time tu i think i want to sekeh2 they all...
tapi i fikir anak orang...
so hear and take a note la..
they all membebel and always remind to me that i dah tua...
what? dah tua?
ladies not mean dah TUA...
ladies mean we all in arrange matured ladies that can think what the good decision 
and become independent ladies...

i,m a ladies now...
i,m independents ladies now..( dalam usaha)
i,m a matured ladies now...( mencari lagi)

i like become ladies..
i can think my future more clearly..
i can think my wedding cloths..
i can think my dream car..
i can think my dream husband...
and i can think what job i can do...
the time has come..

become "ladies" more better from become "girl"..
k dadidu..

Thursday, May 19, 2011

SpEnT TiMe

hye girls!!
hope u all in good health k..

This week..
i spent time with my bff..
it is Fazy
long time not see her coz..
we all busy with our study..
i,m study in north and she in south..
is it different way, rite..
thats why i will see her when i in holiday day..
i,m in holiday and will continue study for the last sem in 10th July..
and she also will continue her study in UTHM..
if u girls want to know..
she also take the same course like me..
even we all look small and that doesn't mean we all can't handle the machine..
see knowladge la...
(no riak)

i,m done release my longing at fazy..
thanx fazy..
i,m miz u a lot..

for me...
the truly friend is
 the person who never forget their friends and always remember even they busy..

i luv my bff...
thanx become the truly friend..
i,m appreciate ur kindness..
i,m will never forget my bff...

hope u girls also think the same yea!
bff so valuable in our life besides family...
u guys think k...

(p/s: bff beday on 28th may.. will celebrate with all my friends... it is surprise! (fazy dont know i have a blog..)

wait the day....
23th years...
saya sayang fazy...
(dont be jealousy my dear...hehe =D)

 k dadidu 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


 clock show 1.00 a.m..
why i,m not sleep yet?
 why i,m ask my self with that question?
why ekh..
actually i feel so bad feeling dis morning...
why many people cant understand what we do...
everything we doing in our life must have a reason rite...
study( for family and future kn)
working( untuk cari rezeki yg halal kn)
shopping( nak dapatkn dress yg stylo kn)
 sempat lg listkn about shopping..

my opinion...
it,s not wrong if we hear the other person think rite...
but why still have person doesn't like to hear another notion person..
it's so tight..
what trick we have to do to make someone understand ourself..

for me...
if we sincere with our relation
the problem it not be happen..

to she/he
hope she/he can accept me as Ayu..
i,m the same person but the different is..
my bad vein have got improvement..
its become more nice from previous..

I Bersyukur that i,m change..
with the amendment in my self..
hope she/he can still like me and accept me
and understand also not force me to do things i,m hate..

i,m sorry if i hurt someone heart...
i express my honest to she/he..
saya sayang kamu..
and hope u guys still luv me yea!

thanx to listen my opinion and moan..
also myb can be the remind..

k dadidu..



My leg~
So much walking...

i feel so tired today...
today i,m rounding KL..
at Pavilion > Lot 10 > Sg. wang > Low yatt > Times square
thanx to my dear who bring me rounding the place..
sayang sama kamu.

so many sales and discount untill 70% tau..
mane nyer i xrambang mata ble see the price after less..
i want buy but my pocket...
nga nga  jela..
(like butterfly coming out from my pocket)
i,m not jealous..yea..
when i got my salary...
i will gegarkn sg. wang..

i like shoes so much..
so much k...
why i,m repeat to many word 'so much'..
I luv shoes..

ok… jgn layan loya buruk sy tu..
we continue our story k..
if u guys like Vincci shop…
now they do a sale until up 70%..
so the price rm100 can be to rm 30..
so ..
don’t you think that price cheaper from the old price kn..
 let's see the shoes was offer in Vincci...

many choice rite... 
klu i...
sume kasut i test tau..

so crowded with ladies..
ane tak nyer, SALE!!!

wat a sad thing...
i can't buy that shoes...
never mind i will get it in the next sale...
wait ya...

if u guys want to shopping the Vincci shoes..
the sale start from

21 April - 22 May

Hope u guys enjoy with the sale...
it,s worthwhile tau..
for me it so worthwhile...
my day was happening with my dear...
coz he pun ske shopping...
thanx dear coz be patient with my temperament

k dadidu..

Thursday, May 12, 2011


wat u guys doing now...
korg stopla uat keje dlu..
c'mon listen my story..
c'mon la...
yesterday i,m hangout with my friend Mai..
i,m going find job at MAS airlines..
i,m just squire my friend to find job even i,m also want to get a job
but  not as a clerk..
the place we go..

1st: inside the Sky Park
2nd: inside the Mas office

but in both place..
my frenz just got apply in the 2nd place...
it is in Mas office...
now she have to wait a call from Mas..

wats a funny things is...
have a woman reprimand me..
and ask me..
is it i want to go interview in Firefly...
then she give me a direction the place for interview..
and my respond in that time is so weird..
and i say: ' i,m not going to Firefly interview..'
then she say 'Owh'..
 i look my frens face and my frens also look my face...
then we all... "shrugs"
and laughing...

i,m ask my friend..
"gaya aku nie macam calon2 pramugari ke???"
friend say:
"gaya ko tu dh lebih dr pramugari ... aku pun xthu sape yg nk apply keje...aku or ko?"
i,m juz laugh jer...

i think i,m too prominent my self in that day..
with my dress style.... 
so formal...
but what i,m wearing is suitable for apply a job or go interview...
my conclusion...
formal dress so important to who want to present their interview..
so i,m suggest to girls...
wearing a Baju Kurung..
its more suitable to attend interview..
it,s simple but so nice for melayu girls...
more sopan...
trust me...

i have done many interview and
 i know the dress suitable for go interview..
i,m just want to share it with u guys..
 the picture up there is example dress...
(bkn nk tunjuk yg i nie sesuai jd Stewardess)
its so funny la...
 i,m cant stop laghing la....

hope u guys take my advice k...=D
k dadidu..
(still laugh)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


mood: sad + clogged
u guys want to know??
i have to repeat my woksyop tech paper...
my credit subject  not enough to get pass...
when i know that news..

i screaming loudly and want to crying but it doesn’t happen..
I become crazy and screaming jer..
I thought I can pass the subject but i cant pass it..
watever i have to accept the result and 
what i can do is i have to take the paper for the next sem..
i Redha dengan ketentuanNYA..
myb have Hikmah and this is revenge from my mistakes before this..
after this i have be more diligent
and work hard for the next sem...
even for the subjek next sem is so tough..
i take that as a challenge..
i fill lament what i have done in this sem..
i,m not do very well in this sem
 and i,m to much play and
 not take a serious with my study..

i hope u guys dont  follow my attitude for this sem..
it will make u guys  be chagrined
so u guys must study hard 
even u guys doesn't like the subject
u guys must take the subject as a important subject and 
with that u guys can get a good result
jgn la uat sambil lewa k...
nanti menyesal tak sudah...
Remember it!!
dont do the mistakes...
k dadidu..

p/s: now i,m waiting for my result paper in 16 or 18 may... hope not failed  =="

Monday, May 9, 2011


Is it i,m INDEPENDENTS woman?
wait a minute..
i have to think...
myb or not myb..
sometimes i,m cant do without someone..
like going to Perlis (study place)
going to KL (ramai sgt penyangak)
or go a new place..
so dets mean i,m not properly a independents woman..
i,m trying to do it with myself 
but i cant...
i,m so afraid with around me.. 
and always think negative..

but dets not mean i fully not independents person..
i know how to get money with my own ability..
i know how arrange my own life without help from someone..
all my dream and  all things i want to do in my life is always with my ability 
not 'bodek" from someone k...
i,m just saying that because
ramai orang zaman sekarang mendapat tmpat disebabkan 
pengaruh dari org atasan...
bukan dari sijil yg dipegang...

hope u guys understand what i,m just saying...
i,m not impose someone but that the reality happens in our life
i,m proud my self
(jgn terlalu riak..berdosa..)
and i,m will approve my self more and more better...
also become more independent after this..

u guys dont think dets in this world u cant get even u guys do it with ur own ability...
if u guys work hard and always give improvement in ur life...
u can be more from ur expect...
always pray and BERSYUKUR...
ALLAH selalu membantu UmatNYA...

Remember it!!
always enjoy what u guys do it k!
smiley and happiness....
 k dadidu..

MoThEr'S DaY


my mom....

I dont have things to give to you..
but my love and invocation  always with you..
i,m luv u mak..
even i always be naughty..
always be stubborn with you..
you always number one in my heart..
without you i,m not in this world until today..
mak is everything for me..

you are the best mak..
and the sporting mak..
 luv you mak... 

you guys... 
i hope  you guy have a same feeling about ur mother..
always appreciate ur mother k..
if you dont do..
u guys will feel sorry for that...
i dont want u guys mis-step
so you guys think and wish to your mother k...
it will give happiness to your mother on the mother's day...
happy and enjoy 
your life with ur family and especially
ur MOTHER...
~  Paradise ~

k dadidu..

CoMiNg SoOn

Whats hot news about me...
nk jd FOTOGRFER...(xdpt)
tgn shacking...
nk jd BUSINESSWOMAN..(xdpt)
xpndai mengira...
nk jd MODEL..(xdpt)  
xpandai pose klu pose pun ntah pape ar...

At last i,m take engineering course..
is it i be an engineer 1 day????
i dot know...
but i,m still going do in my course even i like or i dont like k...
my opinions..
not all things what we like will be our things...
for me..
even i do the thing i doesn't like dets not mean its not give benefit to me rite...
myb ade Hikmah behinde that scene...
so u guys jgnla give up and always think positive...
yeah! =D

by the way i want share with u my dream 
and the things i want to do when i finished study...
part time job

and also



dis picture det have done editing...
walupun not so pretty..
but dis just for beginning...
and every comment i will take as learning 
and always revise to become more better...
high spirit.. HaHAhaHA

hope u guys get passion with my word...
always do more then we can do k...
k dadidu..

Friday, May 6, 2011

1st MaY

I,m going to Genting Highland!!!!
i nk men solero, roller coaster , flying coaster and macam2 la...
nk men!!nak men!!
gedix gler minah nie...
'minah' tu is ME...
(dalam hati kata: why i embarrassing  myself euuw!!)  
let's see the photo yg i sempat capture walupun nice..
hehehe =D 

de first step before we all get to Genting Highland
(what i,m loughing about???? no clue)

dis my young sister.... esha..
different in skin tone but the same face...
i knowla u guys nk ckp pe...
almost same rite...

dets my cousin 'KAK SITI' and her anak buah (twins tau)..
time nie we all bru je melepasi  pintu masuk Genting...
mcm2 pose cz so excited feel...

WoW!! finally, i dpt gak men game flying jumbo...
so cool....even dis game is for child... 
i nie adult plak...nsb bek diberi izin masuk utk game nie...
uat muke xbersalah jer...

I,m in London!!! yeah!

cool beb... 
with my cornetto...
leh masuk contest cornetto nie..

after that i,m playing ribena game..
with cup rounding..
the ending game i rasa nk BlueeEk..
pening gler... 
smpai muke i berubah mcm tu skali....
after this i dont want play that game again...
huh~ nyesal...

if u guys want to go...
the price of ticket is like above...


this price is for outdoor theme park..
and i want to remind u guys
 the price for food in Genting is double price from the normal price...
korg bawakla bekalan and prepare water..
i beli burger pun dh berharga RM5..
so expensive...
if u guys nk saving budgets...
better planning first before go ok..
okla... i sebenarnyer enjoy and epyla cz i pergi Genting pun
 my younger sis yg support my nyer ticket..
thanx Esha!!!
luv u...

Genting Highland adalah antara tempat yg korang leh holiday..
so for school holiday if who someone have a child...
bring ur child come to Genting..
coz many game for ur child and it fun! =D
and  the most thing is you guys
 pasti akan mendapat satu pengalaman
 percutian yang korang takkan lupe kn...
its fun!!
believe me....=D
k dadidu