Friday, January 3, 2014

I,m dOnE!!!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!!
wait...this is not about Years End Sales k...
for shopping story not in this entry...
i knowla you alls masyuk...hehe
just jokes..=P

this is a about....

i,m pass it...lalalalala~
(mendongak ke atas sambil men
yanyi lagu Alhamdulillah(maher zain))

waktu dapat jer result i thought i'm failed
tp bile tengok jer kertas...
hiuuuii~ syukur...
i,m pass it with a full mark...
terkezut kot  =)

finally dapat jgk lesen kereta dan motor...
ske sgt la... hehe
after this can la i drive my father car.. hahaha..
(oi.. ayu, awat gelak besaq nk kne penampaq ka..)

after 5 years i'm feel confident and be brave to drive...
thanks to someone that always be beside me..
and thanx to my teacher driving school that always said
(macam boleh jer... macam pass jer...hehe)
sporting tui la...
tu yang aku makin confident...hahaha
(oi.. ayu, awat gelak besaq nk kne penampaq ka..)

finally what i plan is become true..
love it..

Thursday, January 2, 2014

ToDaYs PaPeR

Assalamualaikum gurlz..

Today is the starting for my final exam paper Industry Engineering..
what i ,m feel???
i,m sleep last night and i thought i could wake up at 3 a.m but i terkandas waktu..hmm~
so means i,m not study
hah!!! (saje bg respon terkezut~)
Now.. what i,m think is about my result..
it is pass or it is...hmm..
 i can't said it. =(

 Dissapointed day for me..
i,m regret what i,m doing today..
this is not me..
i,m not lazy girls on study..
(tapi bab len lazy la ckit... ckit jer k~)

i cannot go back the time..
Now.. what i have to do is study another subject and please makesure everything done and remember...
please ayu... you can laa..

i have another 2 paper left and hope everything will be okay..
need to study smart..

kekawan sume.. doakan saya berjaya naa..

Ini adalah doa untuk kuatkn minda dan ingatan. 
Praktikkan tau.. I
You will loss if you not do it..
(pernah alami~)

Oh!!! my paperrrrrr.....hukhukhuk~