Thursday, April 21, 2011

TaKe CaRe

Kehilangan seseorang yg kite syg bagaikn
 kehilangan sesuatu yg berharga pada diri kite..
why many people did not care their health...
a healthy life is very important in our life
and more important from money..
i,m sorry if i had  someone tacink with my statement... 
but thats the true rite..
before this i got a bad news from my friend that her sister have a Leukemia disease...
and her sister got live only 1week and
 Allah s.w.t more love her from us rite..
moga di tempat pada org2 yg beriman...

my friend give advice to me for check our blood every year...
she say it so important coz to know it is our blood in stable or not..
the symptom of Leukemia disease is

1. Fatigue, weakness, malaise, headaches, seizures(serangan mengejut), blurred vision and balancing inability 

2. Vomiting are some common signs of leukemia in adults when it spreads to the brain.

3. Exhibit swollen lymph nodes, liver and spleen along with little red spots under the skin.

4. It also involve loss of appetite, weight loss and bleeding gums.

5. Bone and joint pains are also noticed and there is excess bleeding than in a normal cut or bruise.

This is the symptom always see to all patient of leukemia..
hope u guys always take care and love ur health k..
now...after i heard my friend story...
i decide to check up my blood and my body...
and don't forgot to borrow ur family also k.. 
from now i want live in happiness life with good health...
hope u guys also think the same thing..
and the last my advice...
if u guys feel not feeling well better u guys see the doctor...
even u got the flu or fever...
that the most good way to know about ur disease..
and take medicine from ur doctor..
jgnla degil k...
ni jugak yg terbaik utk korg...

hope u guys take my advice and
 always remember that the disease more fast from our thinking....  
so always take care ur self and enjoy ur life with healthy life...
orait... marila kite
 'SENYUM....SENYUM...'(Senyum) from the song of Malique ft Najua =D
K dadidu... Assalamualaikum...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Today on date 13 april 2011,
i take a examination MUET in speaking section....
how its so horrible my language..
i,m the candidate C
the title ' the ways make happy life'
the subtopic i got is 'what the enjoy thing u want to do'...
so my answer.....
so thats the mark for my points...
seriously... i become blur and dont know how to explain even i have the input to say 
i,m so nervous...
the input i think is

1. realize my dream : do something adventure activities, studying in overseas,
 sent my parents to Makkah..

only det the idea appear in my mind but i didnt say that in examination juz now..
i,m feel so angry with my self... this for  individual section..
for discussion section.. i,m become a quiet person..
just be the listener without interrupt each other...
i think i,m become funny person that time...
i hope i pass the MUET...
"weird" la aku nie...huh~
skunk dh hilang stress with exam MUET nie..
after this i have to ready with my final exam.
pray for me!
and gud luck to all that take the final exam.
dadidu... Assalamualaikum...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Today i want to say something to all my friends.
i want to apologize to all student DKM5 if i do something hurt to all.   
mungkin aku pun tak perasan ngan kelakuan aku kt korang..
hope korang leh maafkn aku..
i,m only girl thats always do wrong and not a perfect person..
korang jgn simpan dlm hati and hope our relationship no ending k...

ari, zaf, wan(JB), wan(paya jaras),ejat,apis,med,ijam and plg tallest goes to abe...
hehehe... juz joke...
jgn tacink k...

'Kemesraan Terjalin'
why ejat pose like that?????
oh! no....

(nama2 yg belum disebut: yen and saif the oldest in class)

thanks to all have make my blog with memory pictures..
korang mmg bez and yg plg i ske sebut... 
sume cutela..hahHAHa..
i know u all mst feel 
anyway thanks guys..=D
k dadidu...assalamualaikum..

Sunday, April 10, 2011

DiNnEr NiTe..

The nite of Diploma Mechanical Engineering.
myb u all xcyekn that i,m a mechy student.
 btul x?
tp tula realitinyer..
anyway for my group that super gurl win the game of 'tarik tali'.
epy gler!
wee!!! badang tau i nie..
kecik2 cili padi..hAha
ok2... continue(still laugh)
the best thing yg happen that nite is we all got the hamper
 but too small for my group.
bkn nak komplen la kn
 tp mmg xckup hadiah tu  utk di dividekn for 9person plus me tau... 
but we all bersyukur jgk cz menang that day and many student clap too us..
so proudla... tp still rendah diri k!
orait guys.. this is view in that nite..

the girls of DKM..
  pretty right.. i know u all will say det..

nisa, liya,dina,nissa and nadia..
u all mmg bez and hope our relationship will go on forever..


where i am? 
korang umpe x i?
i ,m wearing a brown shawl...

i forgot to tell u that the theme in that nite is
white black but i didn;t wearing that colour
 coz i dont have dress in white black colour
so i xkisah tu sume yg penting i nk makan..
i dont care for Queen Of The Nite..
sorry ekh... i like eat.
so no one can stop me about eat k.
 k la...
so finish for today... 
hope u all like with my 1st post 4 dis month and if i do wrong or mistakes
plz..plz..plz.. remind me...
k dadidu...assalamualaikum