Saturday, June 4, 2011

no silent plz..


no silent plz!
the statement in my mind..
why must be quiet when we have no topic or clue to talk each other..
perlu ke berdiam seribu bahasa??

i dont like this situation..
its make me become awkward..
its hurt!!

why we dont start the topic with saying 
"ari nie uat pe?" or " dh makan? jup order..."
(with smiley face) terpaksa
like this

yeah! like dis smile...=D

the always respond i get is like this...

wat? blur...hoho~
panas ati nie~

better we start talk even it the nonsense topic..
and not make a silent view..

i,m really didn't like it..
yela kn... kalu no topic want to talk
 so better watch the tv at home much better 
and feel fun and not borink like a weird person kn..

advice la kn...
if u girls hang out with a new person or
 the same person(i means yg slalu korang msg smpai sume cite die tahu)
u girl start the conversations if silent view come up between u guys k...
start jela pape yang korang rasa reasonable story..
i,m laugh coz i will do that every silent view...
i make me like a stupid girl..
but what can i do..
i don't like silent so lets i start first rite..
it,s not wrong

plz dont make awkward view cause mybe it can make u girls borink...
(borink xsampai half of hour.. yeah! i,m have been through it.. tired kot..)

watever..we cannot blame anyone..
yela kan...dah dorang mmg xde topik nk cite kn...
so accept jela...

watever the silent view or situation dont make me become hate with them k..
just borink jer..
only thats mean have to change another plans..
lepak2 yg xde tujuan mmg krg menyeronokkan...
for me la kn..
i dont know la u girls opinion kn..

k dadidu...

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