Saturday, May 28, 2011

went to Hari Belia..


many people and teenagers..
in Putrajaya...
and sooooo...
camne nak jalan nie...
and which way i want to start...

"Hari Belia in Putrajaya"
that the probs...
the place is so big and many booth was open in there...
also got a sale..
a sale... like shawls..
dress and trousers with any style..
and i see ayunar shawl with a low price..
memang rambangla mata i..

the thing i like in there is the fashion contest...
and the type style and dress is very different and millennium..
and the contest is between uitm student..

so crowded with teenager and  noisy 
 with many concert happen in there ..
so hope u girls...
who think she is teenager and not to old..
(ala...mak ngn ayah pun leh g..)
must come to Hari belia in Putrajaya..
 from 27 to 29 may...

u girl must go coz many thing u can get in there..
and dont forget to bring umbrella..
preparing for raining..

what happen with my antoo la... myb so much sale infront of me kot...

sempat lg pose dalam kereta... peace yaww!=D

It is fun if i do this thing....
yeah! flying like a bird...

 OMG!! who this couple...
look awesome! =D

what happen with my youngest brother nie...
he said: BORING~

i,m in singapore...hik..hik..

what a bad post... erk~

what a wonderfull day... =D

k dadidu..

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